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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you pay Market or Retail Value?

Please do not confuse what a real estate agent tells you is the value of your property, with how much money you will actually put in your pocket if, and when, the property sells.

1.) First of all, it is quite common for a home or property to sell for 5 to 10 percent less than what the real estate agent lists it for.
2.) Secondly, when using a real estate agent, it is not uncommon that you as the seller, will probably be required to do a number of repairs to satisfy the buyer. These repairs could cost thousands of dollars.
3.) Third, do not forget your holding costs. (Your loan payments and the cost of your money tied up in the property, which could be making you money, somewhere else). A real estate agent will not make your mortgage payments for you while you wait for a buyer. We will buy your house now!
4.) Finally, there are commissions to an agent which can be as high as 7 percent, and your closing costs which can be as much as 3 percent.

How much will you pay me?
We are dedicated to make you a fast cash offer that will be a "win-win" situation. I am committed to providing you the fastest possible stress-free sale.

Are you Realtors® who just want to list my house?
Absolutely not! We are individual real estate investors that buy houses from people like you in neighborhoods just like yours. We're NOT Realtors® and we're NOT associated with any real estate agency. We don't want to list your house, we want to buy your house and may be able to do so immediately!

What do you mean by "any condition"? What if my house needs repairs?

We will buy your house as-is! You don't need to do any more repairs!

What if I am behind on my payments or in foreclosure, can you help?
Yes, if you call or contact us now, we may be able to help catch up your back payments and stop the foreclosure process.

If I submit your Seller Questionnaire, when will I hear from you?
As soon as we receive your Seller Questionnaire, we will review your information and get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 to 48 hours depending on when you submit the information). However, if you don't hear back from us in a timely manner, please give us a call to be sure we received your information and that you are being taken care of right away.

What if my property has City Code violations, or is condemned?
No problem! We can buy your house as-is!

What kind of houses do you buy?
We buy houses in Bucks and Montgomery Counties quickly, in any area, any condition, or any price range. We buy ugly houses, and we buy pretty houses!

Does my house have to be a certain size for you to be interested?
We buy houses of all sizes! We have bought properties as small as a one bedroom condominium, and we have bought properties as large as 5,000 square feet! We have bought houses in all sizes in between, so the size of your house really doesn’t matter! We can buy your house , large or small!

Can you help if I am behind on my payments, or in foreclosure?
Yes! If you call us at (215) 344-1111, or contact us online or by phone very quickly, we can help you catch up your back payments and stop the foreclosure process!

How fast can you buy my house?
We can buy your house fast. Filling out the seller's form takes less than 2 minutes, and your information is transmitted to us instantly. We will contact you in less then one business day in most cases. If it is suitable for both parties, we can usually close in 6 days, or less! If you need to sell your house in a hurry , we have the cash available right now to buy your house! We can do this because we work with private investors, with private funds. We don’t use banks, because the process takes too long! We don’t have to go through the loan approval process, and wait for some committee to give us the green light! We can buy your house right now!

Are there are any fees, or commissions or obligations?
NO! we like to tell people, don’t list your house, SELL YOUR HOUSE!! If you use the traditional listing process, it can take months to market, sell, and close on your house! You might want to move NOW. If you need to sell your house fast, we recommend that you call or contact us NOW! We can save you the headache of continuing to make payments, or dealing with the problems by yourself! We can buy your house FAST!! There are no fees, commissions, or any obligations. See what we have to offer. We will keep all of your information strictly confidential.

Why do people sell you their house?
People sell their houses for many different reasons. They may be moving to a larger home, or downsizing to a smaller one. Or maybe they’re just taking advantage of a job opportunity and must move quickly. There are also reasons, like divorce, job loss, getting behind on payments, health problems, or just getting tired of being a landlord. We also specialize in helping people stop foreclosure, so they can save their credit, so they will be able to buy another house in the future.

Do you pay for referrals for houses that you buy?
Yes, we do! If you know someone who needs to sell a house quickly, refer them to us, or have them give us a call. For each house you refer to us that we buy, We'll pay you $500!!

Do you also buy rental properties?
Yes, we will buy your rental and in most cases keep your tenant as long as they are paying their rent and taking care of the property.

Do you only buy houses?
We buy townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, farms, or 50 unit buildings.

Does my property have to be in excellent condition for you to buy it?
No it doesn’t. We buy pretty houses that people can move right into or We also buy houses that need lots of repairs, houses in any condition, and houses in any situation. Yes, we will buy your house as-is! You don't need to do any costly repairs!

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